The Beauty of Traffic

Traffic? Yes, I said it. While it can be one of the most uneventful, dreadful and aggravating situations millions of Americans experience before and after a long day of work, it can also be a very calming escape...if we allow it.

Sitting in traffic for me, is new. Growing up in Charleston, West Virginia, the rarest of days involving traffic were caused by a pretty awful car accident. In Atlanta, a small bump to the rear involving 2 cars can set miles and miles of traffic on abrupt hold and anger just enough people to cause a war zone! The difference between traffic patterns in the two cities is drastic. 

Every morning I wake up around 6:00 a.m. Exiting my apartment in the city by 7 a.m. and reaching my job in the burbs just before 8 a.m. My small piece of love for this commute is mostly due to the fact that I have time in the morning to think. Sitting in traffic and thinking can produce some BIG ideas. I have created some pretty unique business plans, inventions, story ideas, cartoons and themes of television shows. I've decided on a complete stranger's name, career, whether they are married, single, divorced, with or without kids, a soccer mom, a jerk, a sweetheart, a homebody, based on a few factors I've aggregated from watching them drive or by the type of car they own. All of this, I can thank to traffic.

I must say, the hardest part of dealing with traffic is driving home. In the fall and winter, when the sun don't shine past 5:30 p.m., it becomes especially hard. I've fallen asleep and been frightened by an awakening honk.  I've also dropped some tear bombs from being so tired and running into 2-hour-long traffic jams. Such a bummer! However, these moments give me a chance to de-stress and unwind. While it may seem completely ridiculous to some that a lady from out-of-state decides to cut you off because she has better places to be, if you don't let anger and impatience take over, maybe you can fall into a deep trance and think about what you'll have for dinner, or the trail your going to hike this weekend.

I'm pretty sure if we all had this magical power on the highway, traffic would be much easier to deal with. In fact, driving would be easier to deal with. Realistically, we can't always have this attitude toward traffic and honestly, a lot of people don't deserve for us to be so nice on the highway. But if you think of all the positive ideas and thoughts that could come about from relaxing while you wait, it may do you a lot of good.

Don't forget to write your ideas down.
Oh, but don't text and drive.